Thursday, 9 October 2014

eBay outfit

// Bracelet // Sneakers // Bag // Dress // 

Uh, hvor jeg elsker eBay. Det bliver nok ikke så svært kun at handle på eBay resten af året, for der er virkelig mange lækre ting. Jeg brugte rigtig meget tid i sommers på at finde ting, da man kunne få stort set alle de varer der blev solgt i diverse butikker, til 1/5 del af prisen. Det er en liiiille smule sværere til vinter synes jeg. Jeg har især kigget efter sweatre, men synes ikke udvalget er så stort. Tilgengæld har jeg fundet ret mange lækre crewnecks som jeg også snart vil poste. Jeg har virkelig mange lækre ting ventende i ærmet, som jeg håber i vil kunne lide!

// Oh, I love eBay! It probably will not be that difficult to only buy from eBay rest of the year, because there's so many cool things. I spent a lot of time this summer to find things there because you could get pretty much all the goods sold in shops, to the fifth part of the price. It is a liiiittle bit harder for the winter I think. I especially looked for sweaters, but does not seem that the committee is so large. In return, I have found many nice crewnecks which I will soon post. I am really looking forward to share it with you guys!


  1. This makes me so greedy! Great finds! I also shopped on ebay this summer, the quality wasn't good, but 8 euros for a lace longsleeve tee and 10 euro for a lace peplum top is reaaally cheap. It feels like a present when the package arrives ^^

    1. The quality is different every time you order :o
      But, if I do not like the quality I just write to the seller. Almost every time they give you full return :)

    2. That's a great tip! Thank you for responding :)

  2. love the handbag