Thursday, 19 March 2015

As in the 80's

//Adidas shirt // Jeans // Shoes // Watch Adidas // 

Jeg er sååå glad for at jeg købte den her trøje. Den bliver helt sikkert et af de items jeg kommer til at bruge allermest til sommer! Jeg har forelsket mig rimelig meget i adidas for tiden, og jeg kan godt afsløre at der kommer lidt mere i løbet af de næste dage.

Elsker i adidas lige så meget som mig? 

//I am sooo glad I bought this shirt. It will certainly be one of the items I get to use most this summer! I have fallen in love with adidas at the time and I can reveal that there will be some more in the next days.

Do you love adidas as much as me? 

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  1. such a cool sporty look

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  2. I love this shirt as well. It is sooo pretty and Adidas still has more awesome pieces in their new collections. I will definitely also be purchasing some of their stuff!

    Greetings from Austria,

  3. Ah this looks so good,I love those retro type shirts, the Adidas ones are always so cool, urban outfitters have some great ones xx