Sunday, 14 June 2015

Sunday saves #10

// Here // Here // Here //
// Here // Here // Here //

Så er vi nået til nummer 10 sunday saves, så det er jo nærmest jubilæum.
- Jeg er lige pt. ved at forberede mig mentalt, og selv acceptere, det som jeg skrev om igår på bloggen. Jeg skal nok dele det med jer lidt senere.

//So we have reached number 10 "sunday saves", so it's almost anniversary.
- Right now I just preparing mentally, and accept the thing I wrote about yesterday on the blog. I'll share it with you guys a little later.

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  1. Love the lace theme in all the clothing pieces! It's definitely something that is trending for this season :) Thanks for sharing!


  2. Looove the back on that playsuit! I'm loving lace at the moment :) cottonandcandie xx

  3. Loveee the necklace!!! its so bohemian :)