Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Personalize your jewelry

Personalizing and uniqueness is something that is given much importance at the moment. Dresses you can design yourself, engravings in purses and jewelry. I'm a big fan! I think that it is funny to create and wear some thing unique that no one else owns.
Actually got a purse with initials and I love it, it can be seen here.

At the moment I am looking for personalized jewelry. When I was a little kid, name necklaces was super popular. Now their popularity has increased again and I see a lot of people either wearing their old one or buying new ones.
The site getnamenecklace provides a lot of different personalized cheap jewelry. From simple name rings and necklaces to boyfriend girlfriend rings. There are thousands of different products. Actually they do not only sell jewelry but also engraved wallets, clip holders and watches. At the moment I am looking for a ring or necklace with my boyfriend and my initials, maybe some thing like the picture in the lower left corner.

And by the way, look at this cute personalized dog necklace!

It is possible to send in a picture of your pet and get necklace or key hanger with that cute face. I have a little dog myself and I would love to have her as a necklace. 
If you do not own a pet you can also send in pictures of kids, family, yourself. Anything you like! Pictures are both available as engraved silver or more like a picture with colors. The engraved photo necklace can be bought here.

At the moment there is fall sale so with the code "FSS15" you will get a 15% off and the shipping is always free and worldwide.

Do you own any personalized items and which? Or is there any personalized item that you are dreaming of? 

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