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Girls & Pearls

​Hey babes,
Mia Denise from the Loverforchic blog here! My pearl embellished sweater was the inspiration for this look. I love the detailing.

​To continue with the pearl trend I paired this sweater with stackable pearl bracelets. 

​I thought the best color to pair with the oatmeal sweater was white, so I wore these cropped white pants.
To finish the look, I added a white envelope bag.

Thanks for reading! I hope to see you all on my blog!
Mia Denise,

Hello Lovelies,
        Mia Denise here from The LFC Blog. I'm sure like myself, everyone is ready for  Christmas and getting in the holiday spirit.  With this holiday cheer comes tons of sales and gift shopping, we all love that right? Here are a few tips on how to get the best deals while shopping this holiday season.
Shoptagr: Shoptagr is one of my favorite ways for finding the best deals. All you have to do is install the shoptagr button into your bookmark bar (instructions on the website) and shop online at your favorite stores. When you find something you like but aren't too fond of the price just add it to your tags and shoptagr will notify you when the item goes on sale.

Email: Another great way to score great deals is to sign up for your favorite stores mailing list. You'll receive exclusive deals and extra sales.

Apps & Social Media: We all live on our phones, so why not save money with them? Pretty much all stores have twitters, instagrams and apps to download. Go follow your favorite stores on your social media and check out their promotion posts. If you decide to download the app, in addition to promotion deals you'll be able to shop directly from that app. 

That's all the tips for today folks! Thank you Fashiionistah for allowing me to come share my tips with you babes and I hope to see you all on my blog. Happy holidays!
Mia Denise,


The key to a versatile wardrobe is surprisingly repeating the clothes you wear. Strange concept, right?

Most of us can't afford to wear a new outfit every day, but we can all mix, match, and layer. This way we get the most out of each item, yet look like we're wearing something new each day.

As a traveler, I've learned the ins and outs of layering - the key to getting the most out of your clothes. Traveling with only a suitcase full of clothes forces you to be creative with what you have. In this post I will show you how to style a basic outfit in several ways with the magic of layering!

Start with the basic sweater, leggings, and boots:

Add outerwear. In this case, I added a vest:

Keep warm with knee-high socks:

Add an oversized scarf:

Don't like the look? Play around with it. In this case, I simply zipped up the vest:

Accessorize with a bag!

And, voilà! A whole new outfit:

The magical transformation: 

I hope you can see now that layering is a basis of style. It's not about the quantity of clothes, but rather, the creativity in which you repeat them. Whether it be bundling up for fall and winter, maximizing the use of your pieces, or creating new outfits from a limiting suitcase, layers are your key to being a true fashionista!

Model: Dionna
Sweater: Lauren Conrad in Kohl's
Boots: Lord & Taylor
Vest: Aeropostale 
Scarf: Forever 21
Purse: Michael Kors
Socks & Leggings: Not available

Thanks for reading! Do you have any suggestions for maximizing a wardrobe? Let me know in the comments below & check out my blog: The Travelixir!


Hi, friend! I'm Raza from The Travelixir: a place for you to discover the magic of the world.

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                      I for one am a fan of black being the new black and how the whole monochromatic trend is coming back into everyday fashion, but I feel that we are forgetting the wonders that colour can do for a simple wardrobe. Yes that black on black ensemble is stunning but how about pairing it with a pink coat or even better yet a nice red shoe? I am going to share with you different ways to liven up your outfit using various tints and hues. 

     1. Accessories: This is a great starting point for those of us who are unsure of how to style colours. Instead of going for the usual golds and silver try taking a risk with a purple necklace or even yet your sunglasses don't always have to follow the dark rule a bright pair of ray-bans can do no harm when put together with a neutral outfit.  

      2. Nails: A manicure can do so much for an outfit so for this next style advice try using a colour that you usually wouldn't think of. During fall I'm a person who strongly believes in the importance of maroon and black nail polish but for a little change I tried an emerald green and to say the least I was not disappointed. I loved the way it tied in my whole outfit and just the idea of pushing outside my comfort zone made me even more confident.  


        4. Hair: Now this one is a bit adventurous but honestly I think that coloured hair is a trend that is definitely coming back and for a good reason. There are so many choices other than the traditional black, brown, blonde and so on. Let's not forget that it can give you a bit of an edge while still maintaining a sense of class. Also it isn't a big commitment because you can always test it out with some temporary dye, coloured hair extensions or even a wig. At the end of the day it is a simple way to always ensure that there is a bit of colour added to your ensemble. 

         Try something new add some colour to your outfit. 

Be Well, Vanessa.O

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